PC monitor for gamingWhether you’re playing Diablo, DOTA, Assassin’s Creed, League of Legends or any other computer game, competition among all players is really high. You want another badge for your clan or you aim to destroy the base of your enemy. In battle games like the aforementioned, skill, strategy and speed are key factors that will spell the fine difference between victory and defeat. Players just need to train over time to effectively strategize and win battles. But what are the skills for if you have a lagging, slow-response and low resolution computer monitor? Games nowadays require more advanced computer systems with particular specifications. The market offers a variety of choices, but the following listed below are specifications you need to keep in check to find the best gaming monitor for PC.

Panel Size

This specification will always be a personal choice but 24-inch displays are definitely the trend for gamers. This panel size will require less hardware power and will work perfectly with full HD resolution. Although, 27 and 30-inch displays are up for purchase and it might be true that bigger monitors are more engaging, but these monitors will surely require greater graphics processing unit power and modifications. Also, take into consideration your desk space – you don’t want a wide monitor atop a small desk.

Screen Resolution

A good screen resolution will always depend on the size of the monitor panel. Nothing lower than 1080p (1920×1080) has been ever a choice. This full HD resolution will be fit for 24 inch displays. Higher resolutions such as Quad-HD is required for 27 inch-monitors and larger. If you have plans of purchasing a 27-inch panel, a 1080p resolution will make everything pixelated and will definitely ruin your gaming experience. Panel size and resolution always complements each other, so always find the perfect match.

LED vs LCD display

It’s true – LEDs are LCDs, but with certain modifications! Undoubtedly, go for LED displays! LEDs allow effective light control and distribution. The accuracy of color is also an advantageous characteristic of LEDs.  Lastly, unlike LCDs, LEDs do not waste up much of your electrical energy.

Panel Technology

IPS or In-Plane Switching panel is a priority over VA (Vertical Alignment) and TN (Twisted Nematic) panels. IPS panels assure best accuracy of colors and properly wide viewing angles. Although, TN panels offer faster pixel responses which can be useful in extremely competitive games where agility is an issue.

Refresh Rate and Pixel Response

The refresh rate of a panel refers to the frame numbers that can be displayed per second, thus it is measured in Hertz (Hz). With the aid of strong graphics cards, higher refresh rates are no doubt better. Panels with 144 Hz refresh rates are worth it as it decreases the chances of motion blur, rough gameplay and tearing of the screen graphics. Panels with 60 Hz and 10 Hz refresh rates commonly experience these issues.

As for pixel response, a lower response rate will mean faster pixel response. Basically, it dictates how the panel screen updates. Pixel responses of 2 or 1 milliseconds are the best. Generally, 6ms or lower are necessary for intense, speedy gaming.


With all these said, the price will always vary depending on the specifications of your chosen panel. If we combine all the ideal specs mentioned, keep in your pocket at least $1,000. This value will already give you a fair gaming experience. If you have more to spend, go for the best specs for a better front-PC gaming.

Always take into consideration all the factors that were mentioned. Victory is your ultimate goal in every game so be meticulous enough to choose the best gaming pieces. Every single detail of your gaming monitor will direct the difference of a good and bad gaming experience!

There are games which are just not worth the music played. On the other hand, there are games where the music stands out as earworms years after the CD media has become unplayable. The best gaming music are those which add to the game experience, either as atmosphere or to set the pace. The following are the best gaming music of 2016 bringing their games to life.

The Banner Saga

The Banner Saga soundtrack sounds like a full classical orchestra complete with authentic old ancient horns used by the Norsemen. This is not a quick and dirty layout soundtrack. It is a well thought out rendition. In some places the music does not follow the game play, however, as a background to the material, it enhances the gameplay. The music urges the player on in a subliminal manner.best-music-mix-ever-matthew-bla1

The influences of the music are in keeping with the Banner Saga story line. There is a clear delineation of the acoustic instruments used. The voices do not seem to be polished, but are rather visceral in their intent. The Banner Saga thrives on this music and the music is a fitting accompaniment to the storyline.

 Deep Space Deluxe EP

Deep Space Deluxe is a throwback to the soundtrack of 1970’s space-based science fiction movies. It does not have the breadth and width of John Williams but it does evoke the video games of that era, albeit in a less frenzied beat. The use of the ice organ on a synthesizer makes for compelling audio. It has a built-in 3D echoes reminiscent of a submarine ping dissipating in the distance. Or more like the sound of an SOS beacon from the movie Alien. This is just perfect for an outer space saga game. Again, the song is more appropriate for sci-fi movies like Alien or The Black Hole. The individual beats are shiny flickers of light amid the total blackness of space.

Dark Souls 3

You would not be faulted if you never really heard the background music on Dark Souls 3. It is not meant to be heard, rather it is meant to be felt. It is heavy, but not dragging, unless you were dragging the souls of medieval warriors. The Gregorian Chant series of songs is meant to be a heavenly rendition, however a lot of people think that it is morose, dark and foreboding. This is the same feeling you get from the vocals of the Main Theme. It is a cry to high heavens for help and salvation and grows heavy in the heart of the listener.

Samorost 3

This is a playful music which comes along with a surreal gaming landscape. The texture of the game is a cross between the surrealism of Marc Chagall and the post-modernism of Moebius. The background graphics create a theme which superimposes with the music. The crescendo in the Main Theme is a wave of sound, pushing against the shore of playfulness. From the initial wave is the clarity and elegance of the music. Just lovely.


The horror genre has always placed great emphasis on music, with thundering bass rampaging towards you in highlights. Otherwise, there is Oxenfree. With a nod to old radio broadcasts, warped vinyls, and fading recorded tapes, the music sets the tone for Oxenfree as a modern take on the horror genre. You can almost see the fading videos on old VHS tapes while listening to the soundtrack.


Soundtrack music has some basic pitfalls. The first is that they become redundant as the same style of music is played across a game genre. Second, is that the composer leaves his signature on the music, and you would know instinctively who composed which music. The games of 2016 have been diverse and technology driven. It is not a surprise that the use of technology in game soundtracks are also as diverse and surprising while keeping as background music.